9-10-2010 Ciruis’ History: Zaradra’s Journal

Intro by Scripture

“I am Heaven and Earth. The Rise, and the Fall.
I will deliver unto the virtuous Light everlasting,
Leaving the wicked lost in Darkness eternal.”
-Ciruis, Prayer of unknown origin

Ciruis kneel spear white


“The black clothing we wear serves as a constant reminder: wherever there is light, there is also darkness.”
-Ciruis, to the first new initiate in his squadron of Dark Angel Sentinels.

Dressed in lightweight garments (consisting mostly of robes and a cloak), Ciruis stands fairly tall for an Eladrin, measuring just an inch or two under 6 feet, with a slightly ‘more built than athletic’ build (as far as Eladrin go, anyways). In general, his dark green eyes carry a more subdued, dim glow than his fellow Eladrin, giving his stoic countenance an even more isolated, ‘faraway’ expression – more so than is common for those of Eladrin origin. His hair is a short, deep blue/black, and neatly kept.

His movements appear thoughtful yet resolute, without wasted effort. His voice is deeper more than melodic – his prayers resonating with unquestionable fervor.

Generally, he keeps two weapons visible to the public eye: A long spear with an unusual bladed-end, and a long blade sheathed on his back.

Ciruis idle both weapons white



“Why am I here? Because I’ve been called remarkable. Gifted. A prodigy. If any of that is true then I need to be here. I must be here. I’ve seen with my own eyes the worst kind of death – death that could have been prevented if those ‘gifted’ were to act.”
-Ciruis, to a Captain of the Dark Angel Sentinels, when asked about Ciruis’ intentions for joining.

Those that first meet Ciruis might find him unremarkable. Slightly upbeat, capable of being witty and poking fun, and overall fairly kind. All of this is natural to Ciruis, but remains a small part of him. This casual surface belies a haunted figure hidden underneath.

Those that befriend Ciruis will likely find him genuine, solemn, and always lost in thought – nearly brooding, but not in a defeatist mentality. His resolution to make changes to the world are constantly in his thoughts and though he seems almost over-zealous – his faith is admirable.

His fervent desire for balance, his empathy, and his decision to protect those around him is moving – perhaps even to those that would normally consider themselves unmovable.

However – this passionate fervor can bring others to question his motives, as he sometimes appears inconsistent – torn between reality and his unknown motives. One thing is for certain though – his prayers are heartfelt and stirring.

Ciruis pray white


“You are lost to the light of this world.
May the embrace of darkness take you.”
-Ciruis, before delivering the final blow to a dying brigand.

In combat, Ciruis often puts himself on the line for those he is with – either at the forefront to reduce the initial onslaught, at the center when the line is broken, or at the rear to aid those under fire.

He moves throughout the battlefield in a frenzy of action, blasting distant enemies with streaks of blue-white radiance, moving between enemies and allies to help mitigate damage, or engaging enemies directly with his spear or blade. On some occasion – he has been seen infusing radiant light into others in order to mend their wounds – but he speaks little of this.

Perhaps his most notable ability seems to revolve around short prayers that he speaks during battle, often resulting in divine energies manifesting in a variety of super-natural effects – often enough to force even non-believers to rethink their stance on religion.

Ciruis spear point white

Question of Motive

“I never said my actions were righteous. Everyone has their own self-proclaimed definitions of good or evil.”

His voice cold and ringing, Ciruis forcefully pushes his once-ally into the wall. With a sharp, unhesitating movement Ciruis moves forward – his right hand driving the spear completely through the Dark Angel Sentinel. Grasping the spear tightly, Ciruis moves forward and gently cradles the man’s head with his left hand.

The other Sentinels are speechless, motionless – not knowing how to react. As the man’s vision begins to fade and his final breath draws to a close, Ciruis slowly – almost sadly – leans in closer. His whisper is soft, almost lost in the chill night air.

“I have mine.”

Ciruis’ motives are unknown – as those who know him learn more, it is often with mixed feelings. In general his actions, words, and feelings seem genuine, warm, and moving – but there are times where his methods cause others to wonder…

Are his actions because of his faith in his God (supposedly Pelor)? Are they rooted in a personal quest for vindication or revenge? Or is there more to Ciruis than he lets on – even to those that would call him friend?

These are questions left unanswered – at least for now.

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