Tome of the Lost

You find a small diary next to a massive tome in the back of the old archive at Galgol. You open the small book and read a page.

11th of Second Seed 423A.S.

Sir Bartom returned from his expedition to Shinma late last night. He brought me this old tome, told me that if anyone could read it, it was me.

What? I only know thirteen languages, and I can only speak eight of those.

Anyway, the book, it is massive but seems light enough to hold and read or even carry with ease. It is quite amazing; all I need do is think of something I want to know about and open it and the information is on the page I turn to.

Grrr ~Oh darn, Amy is calling. I will have to read later. Maybe the young Lord Forven will be with his sister. He is scrumptious.

~Lady Elma Harvo, age 15

((This is a place I will record information that the characters may or may not know. Just so people can have more knowledge about the world if they want.))

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Tome of the Lost

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