Red Moon Rising

A blood red moon rises in the black night sky.

It is a cold Autumn evening. A stiff wind blows from the east as leaves tumble down from the trees of Stagwood. Something about tonight seems off. You feel like someone is watching you, haunting you, shadowing your every footstep. You pass a break in the trees and see the moon for the first time tonight. It is blood red and is giving off an unsettling glow that almost makes your skin crawl. Your gaze is broken by the hooting of an owl. You hear the warning bell of Fort Areos as you rush back to town to find out what is going on.

Red Moon Rising is a story that takes place in the world of Arnok, in the Kingdom of Val on the continent of Mardesh. An unlikely assortment of priests and fighters takes on the enormous task of saving the world—but first they must fight their way to the appointed temple.

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Red Moon Rising

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