Kingdom of Val

The Kingdom of Val covers the southern area of Mardesh. It is said that its ruling family was granted immortality by the God Bahamut himself, to steward and protect the lands of the south from an evil as old as the world itself. It is true that King Val has lived longer then anyone can remember, but whether the legend is true or not only the King and his daughter, Princess Arimel, know.

The Kingdom has a large navel force and is the major power in the safety of the Morgash Sea. The Kingdom also has a standing army but most towns have their own militia for local safety, with a few official soldiers from the army to train and act as officers.

There are many places of note and this list will be expanded as the party finds new places. The list so far is:


Fort Areos

Creeping Swamp

Darel Mountains

Ruins of Anvilsfall

Fort Darel

Axe Lake


Misty Wood


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Kingdom of Val

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