Kingdom of Relor

Relor1After the fall of the Dark Emperor three hundred years ago Relor has been in a state of healing. The currant Rulers the Temple of Melora have been in power for the last two hundred years. Small temples and churches dot the cities and towns of Relor devoted to Melora and her sister The Raven Queen. The Land has been plagued with an undead menace sense the fall of the Dark Emperor, most believe it is the last of his armies that are unwilling to rest.

The land itself is long and thin, with lush jungles to the north, shifting to plains and rolling hills as you move south. The Hogr Spine Mountains run along the the west and southwest side of the region. At the very southern end of the country is the Brevya Swamp. The many bays and coves along the east side make up the most populated areas. Cloth such as silk, wool, and cotton are the primary export to other countries.

These are the areas of note in Relor:

Brevya Swamp

Hogr Spine Mountains


Stone Dragon Bulwark


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Kingdom of Relor

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