Standing average height for a Human, Renic is extremely well built. Lithe muscle is prominent along his body, giving him an extremely fit appearance, without being obscenely so. His skin is dark, tough and split, giving him the appearance of magma just starting to cool. Along his body, almost like tattoos, run veins which pulse and glow with the beating of his heart, the fiery blood pumping through his body making him warm to the touch. His eyes burn with the same intensity as his body, looking at this new world with a mixture of curiosity and wariness. He appears to wear no armor, though his skin does pulse at different intervals in various places. The rather large sword slung across his back is comfortable, well maintained but battle tested to be sure. He carries himself with the casual grace of one who has spent their life dedicated to the Art.


Renic was the unofficial captain of the guard for a high-ranking court official in the Burning Palace, the home of the Prince of the City of Brass. Renic wasn’t the captain by title, but every member of the entourage looked to him for leadership in any situation, following his example. Hot-headed and sometimes brash, Renic always made sure the job got done with the minimum fuss necessary, though sometimes “fuss” meant bloodshed and dismemberment, depending on the situation. At the time of the opening of the Abyssal Maw, Renic was the first to respond as a rift opened up right in the middle of the Court of Brass, and almost consumed his charge. Without thinking, Renic bowled the official out of the way and was consumed by the anomaly. He was displaced into the court of Xixle, where we was immediately overcome with the strain of forcefully crossing between the Planes and collapsed. He was bound and restrained so that he may be transported to the main Gate in an effort to return him home, but his convoy was ambushed along the road by a group of bandits who slew almost everyone present, taking Renic captive for nefarious purposes. When he awoke, it was a simple matter to break free of the ropes, ropes which burn quite well, and retrieve his effects. It was shortly after that a group of travelers from some Order arrived in an effort to rescue whoever might still be alive. Finding they might provide some answers, Renic followed them along and has learned a few things in his time on the Material Plane. It’s damn cold in comparison to his home. But he won’t let them know his discomfort. He’d die before showing weakness.


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